Electric Container Loading Ramp VT1209

When you click here! You may have problems with loading and unloading goods to Containers due to the difference in height of different types of tractor trucks or 20-feet double containers on the tractor and doors on either side, therefore, the concrete platform or existing warehouse floor can not work, so you are wondering how to choose which equipment can lift the Forklift to the Container for the fast and safe loading, this is the device you need: Container Loading Ramp with multiple versions for you to choose, depending on the size of each company with different configurations and prices, with the default features as follows:

Please contact for details:
In the Southern (Saigon) 0933-028-638 Mr. Duy
In the Northern (Hanoi) 0961-143-768 Mr. Thanh

1. . Lifting along the height of the container thanks to the hand-held gearbox integrated kickstand or hand hydraulic cylinder (depending on the version).

Advantages and disadvantages of hand-held gearboxes:

• Advantages : Low-cost manual gearbox.
• Disadvantages : Difficult to repair, long time for lifting and heavy due to gearbox transmission mechanism with sprocket.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydraulic Type - See this model for details Please click here

• Advantages : Easy to use, lifting times are three times faster than manual gearboxes, easy to repair and maintain.
• Disadvantages : High cost

2. Flexible moving thanks to the integrated wheel system of 300mm diameter or 430mm (depending on version)

Advantages and Disadvantages of the 300mm diameter wheel

• Advantages : low cost
• Disadvantages : difficult to move through rugged terrain, short shelf-life (about 2 years)

Advantages and Disadvantages of the 430mm diameter wheel

• Advantages : Easy to move on any terrain, long life (about 5 years)
• Disadvantages : High cost.

1. Floor lined with ribbed tole welded with non-slip ribbed and granting lined decking (depending on version)

Advantages and Disadvantages of anti-skid ribbed steel tole floor

• Advantages : low cost
• Disadvantages : Slip resistance is poor when there is water, just smooth when the forklift is loaded, accumulates trash on the floor and particularly it makes forklift cover poor quality and damaged very quickly when used.

Advantages and disadvantages of grating lined decking

• Advantages : Good slip resistance in all cases, no accumulation of dirt on the floor, smooth with or without load, not to wear the forklift wheels.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages indicated by Viet Thanh Company. Hope that you can imagine basically this product and these are the basic parameters of the Container Loading Ramp

Name of the product: Container Loading Ramp
Country of origin: Vietnam
Lifting mechanism: Mechanical gear / Electric / Hydraulic
Brand: VT-MCT
Standard size: 2350mm x 12800mm or at the request of the buyer
Safety weight 6000/8000/10000/12000 kg
Warranty: 36 months
Please contact for details:
Saigon 0933-028-638 Mr. Duy
Hanoi 0961-143-768 Mr. Thanh
On April 24th, 2013, VIET THANH brand name officially appeared on the VIETNAM market in the field of mechanical equipment specializing in lifting equipment. Since its establishment, VIET THANH has always been steadfast with the goal of providing customers with advanced products and the best service. Through 5 years of development, VIET THANH has left its mark on the market and become one of the leading manufacturers of lifting equipment in Vietnam. With the motto of constantly improving, always moving forward on the basis of advanced technology, modern machinery, skilled engineers and workers, we have been supplying multiple products and systems and services so that the products of Viet Thanh has been used by many companies across the country. This is a list of customers who have used the product of Forklifts of Viet Thanh :
  • Handing over container loading ramp for Coca-Cola Vietnam Company: Xem chi tiết
  • Handing over container loading ramp for Yakult japan Company: Xem chi tiết
  • Handing over container loading ramp for GROUP Vietnam JSC: Xem chi tiết
  • Handing over container loading ramp for YAZAKI Binh Duong Company: Xem chi tiết
  • Handing over container loading ramp for Thang Long Tobacco Company: Xem chi tiết
  • Handing over container loading ramp for An Cuong Binh Duong Wood Company Xem chi tiết
  • Handing over container loading ramp for KERRY LOGICTIC Company : Xem chi tiết